Legal Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

Buying, selling or refinancing real estate?  Contact us BEFORE you sign.  We provide experienced legal assistance and title insurance. You WILL save money.  Ask for a free quote.

We provide assistance to clients when they sell, purchase or refinance real estate.  Residential or commercial transactions, leases, and sales agreements are all covered.  We deal with realtors or private transactions and work well with all lenders.  Lenders require title insurance to protect their first lien position.  We can provide the title insurance while also giving you legal representation all at a very competitive rate.

Estate Administration

Upon the death of a loved one, it is usually necessary to administer their Estate.  We offer practical assistance in the entire Estate Administration process.  We provide direction as to what needs immediate attention.  We are with you during the entire probate process of identifying and collecting assets, paying debts, preparing and filing the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax return, preparing and filing an account and distributing assets to beneficiaries.  

Estate Planning

Estate Planning for most involves a will, power of attorney, and health care power of attorney with living will.  We have provided these to thousands of clients.  These documents need to be customized for you.  You may need to appoint guardians for minor children or establish testamentary trusts to protect assets for family members. 

Family Law

We are prepared to assist you in all areas of family law, including custody, divorce, support and Protection from Abuse actions. Your financial interests and connections to your family are of absolute concern to our firm.

Criminal Defense

When you or a family member has been charged with a crime it is important to have an attorney who will work to get to know the unique aspects of your case. Our approach is to early-on identify the best resolution of your case, and then try and achieve that result in a cost-effective manner. Our office is prepared to handle DUIs, Traffic Citations, License Suspensions, PFA Defenses, Misdemeanors and Felonies.

Civil Litigation

From time to time, litigation is necessary to resolve a dispute.  Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a civil action, our litigation practice is devoted to listening to your concerns, discussing options and achieving a resolution.  We handle civil cases in all of Pennsylvania’s state and federal court systems.

General Business Matters

 From start-up to dissolution and anytime between, whether you are (or want to be) a sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporation or other limited liability entity, we can assist with your general business needs.  Combining our litigation experience with our knowledge of creditors’ rights, we have also been able to assist small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in managing and collecting their accounts receivable. 

ALTA Best Practice Certification

W&G is proud to announce that we comply, in all material aspects, with the American Land Title Association’s (ALTA) 7-Pillars of Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices.  

In November, 2016, W&G voluntarily participated in a third-party review of its settlement policies and procedures.  The onsite review was performed by CARMA, Inc. certified public accountants, audit and compliance consultants. W&G are the first Penn Attorneys to have successfully earned & obtained an independent accountant's review report concerning ALTA's best practices.

ALTA Best Practices is an important initiative to enable approved attorneys, title agents and underwriters to demonstrate their commitment to protect consumers and to provide a quality, transparent and compliant closing experience.  Lenders and Realtors (and clients) can be confident that W&G is committed to the protection of their borrowers’ funds and confidential information.​

​​​In addition to being ALTA best practice certified, W&G's team of approved real estate attorneys can save you money on title costs. Let us give you a free quote so you can compare and save. 

Why ALTA Best Practices Certification:

After the burst of the housing market in the mid-to-late 2000s, regulatory and market pressures brought scrutiny and a heightened level of oversight to the title insurance industry.  In response, ALTA published “Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices,” a set of minimum standards for industry members to improve the overall quality and integrity of the title insurance industry. These “Best Practices” cover the following seven (7) pillars: 

Pillar 1.  Employee and Company Licensing to Conduct Title & Settlement Services;  

Pillar 2.  Escrow Trust Account Controls;  

Pillar 3.  Privacy and Information Security;  

Pillar 4.  Compliance with Federal and State Consumer Finance Laws;  

Pillar 5.  Title policy production, delivery, reporting and premium remittance;  

Pillar 6.  Professional liability insurance and fidelity coverage; and  

Pillar 7.  Procedures for resolving consumer complaints  

W&G is one of the only law firms in the South-Central Pennsylvania area to become ALTA Best Practice certified. 

Lenders, Realtors & Homebuyers:

 In addition to being ALTA best practice certified, W&G’s team of approved real estate attorneys can save you money on title costs.  Let us give you a free quote so you can compare and save.  Give us a call today!